November 14, 2008

A Palm Tree Creativity

We went to Fountains At Roseville here in northern CA and noticed how well they maintained their palm trees there. I truly admire and so amazed how well they put extra thought and creativity in trimming the dead leaves and branches off these trees and making them look like a bowl or a basket or a work of art!

At first glanced, i thought it was a fake plant, but then its not. Just a well-taken care live plant, receiving great deal of maintenace and attention. Ive seen a lot of palm trees my whole life, many are not well trimmed in comparison to these ones, well-manicured.

So if you happen to visit Fountains At Roseville, dont forget to look up and take notice of the palm trees, i personally think they are done very neatly.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

October 30, 2008

Halloween Pumpkins Here They Come

No doubt, when its Halloween, you see pumpkins all over the place. Many people carve their creativity and style in pumpkins. I saw ton of different halloween decorations this year, some turning their front yard into cemetery theme, others share their habitat with huge spiders and web, some have faces and monsters greeting visitors and passersby, while others have the glowing appearance of pumpkins all over the place. So far, the only halloween decor I saw that I took a picture of this year is a parade of pumpkins we saw at the mall here in northern CA, see photo above. Happy Halloween!

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.

October 15, 2008

Early Girl Tomatoes

At the start of spring time this year, my hubby and I decided to grow some vegetables in our backyard, so that we have something to harvest and use for cooking in the kitchen.

Usually, we just buy a piece or two of tomato in the grocery store when we have plan to use it in our next meal. But there are times that we have quick fix meals and/or unplanned meals that sometimes need this and that, ingredients like tomatoes, and we usually don't have it stock in our refrigerator because most fruits and veggies that are bought in the store don't have a very long shelf life. In a matter of days, they are already rotten, and we have no choice but throw them away, and its a waste of money!

That is why we decided to plant some Early Girl tomatoes in our backyard last spring. And we been harvesting huge red tomatoes from it ever since! We really like the taste of Early Girl tomatoes because it is so sweet and juicy as well, and they are shinny healthy red. These days, when we need tomatoes in our cooking, all we have to do is step outside and pick some from our garden. Oh, we don't use any spray or pesticide, so we know that it is safe to eat!

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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September 24, 2008

Mysterious Mushrooms In The Backyard

Here are some photos of the mysterious mushrooms that been growing in our backyard! We have absolutely no idea where they come from. They were previously not around, but as soon as we started using fertilizers and peat moss in our flowers and lawn, all of a sudden they started showing up in our garden and lawn too. But we are not sure if the added nutrients lead to the growth of these fungis.
These mushrooms come in variety of sizes and when we dont get the chance to remove them right away, they can grow bigger and bigger as days go by. These mushrooms can grow as big as eight (8) inches in diameter, which was the biggest one we found so far.

It resembles like an open umbrella. Eatable or not, we have no clue. But we do remove these mushrooms going in our backyard as soon as we spotted them because we have dogs. Its been known that there are type of mushrooms out there that are not good for dogs, and for safety sake we just assume that all mushrooms are unsafe for our pets, to keep our dogs safe while they play in their own yard.

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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August 19, 2008

A Quick Glance At Dandelions

Dandelion is a flowering plant with attractive bright yellow flower that transformed into a stunning intricate Dandelion seed clock as it progresses over time. Although, for some gardeners, this flowering plant can be one deceiving beauty because they are widely considered as weeds and a complete nuisance in most gardens and lawns. But at the same time, Dandelion have beneficial purposes for both in culniary and medicinal uses. Dandelion is such a popular plant that some places even celebrate a Dandelion Day every year!

The Dandelion clock is one of the most popular subject of photography in a Dandelion plant, but the seed components of this clock is so intricate and delicate that a mere blow of a wind against it will burst this clock open, each seed as light as a feather, easily spreading each seeds in the air, which when this happens, you can definitely expect more Dandelion weeds growing in your garden or lawn the following year! For flower garderners and lawn people, knowing that you just planted and spread more Dandelion seeds in your yard is a complete nightmare.
If you see a full and undisturbed Dandelion clock in your garden or lawn, pick it off from the plant slowly and place it in a solid container or trash can carefully, making sure that you wont be shaking it off and dropping the seeds all over.

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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Protect Your Huge Investment, Your Home

Most family consider their houses as a family dwelling and a home, a place where each member of the family live and share memories together. But even if you have no plans to sell it your home for a profit, owning a home is still considered a huge investment because most family have a tied in mortgages and loans in their homes, while others depends their future savings thru their homes equity. So even if homeowner have no plans to sell their homes, their homes remains tied to them financially. Whether we like it or not, we have no control over things, and sometimes things can go wrong beyond our control like natural calamities or accidents and in times like this it is important that homeowners will be protected and secured of their most valuable family assets, their homes. One best way to be protected is by getting a home insurance to make sure that when things happen that we cannot predict, homeowners will be protected and have a means and help to recover their property loss or damages. As a homeowner, we take pride in owning our homes by keeping it looking nice and clean, enhancing the curb appeal of the yard, planting trees and flowers in the yard, and maintaining it yearly. But having a home insurance is an important part of home ownership inorder to keep you protected, what ever happens. But with so many different home insurance provider nowadays, it is overwhelming for a lot of homeowners to find a home insurance. Many homeowners have no idea when to begin looking, or where to start looking! At website, you can shop and compare different home insurance providers, all in one place and compare prices and services. You will also find plenty of financial tips and articles in the site.

August 6, 2008

Yellow And Red Tulip

This beautiful bright yellow tulip with red accent is one of the most unique tulip flower that we have in our yard and definitely one of my absolute favorite. In general, i love tulips specially the long-stemmed ones because they look so simple standing tall and pretty both in the garden or as cut flowers.

So if you are looking for tulip blooms next year at springtime, it is almost time to check out the stores for tulip bulbs. Most flower bulbs are available for sale and ready for planting near or on fall season. The closer and closer we approach fall season, the more tulip bulbs are readily available for sale in many different stores.

A little time you take to plant a tulip bulb or two, will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of this beauty in your own yard for many years to come!

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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In-Home Flooring Service By Empire Today

Whether you are unhappy with your existing floors or you have been wanting to revitalize and refresh the look and feel of your existing room by changing your current flooring, Empire Today can definitely make it happen for you with their wide selections of available floorings you to choose from. Empire Today sells different types of flooring great for use in both at home and office including variety of styles of carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic flooring. Aside from all types of flooring products, Empire Today also offers window treatments, and bath and shower liners.

If you are planning to buy a carpet for your home or office, it is so easy and convenient to choose a carpet from Empire because their website gives you a lot of details and specifications regarding each type of carpet they offer inorder to help and guide you in determining which one best fits your needs and meets your criteria.

Having the access to all the detailed information regarding different types of flooring at Empire Today website, available at anytime so you can do your research at your most convenient time and your own pace, is definitely a huge advantage specially that most of us are always on-the-go, busy and dont have the luxury of time to go in different brick-and-mortar flooring stores to fall in-line and wait for the store customer service to give us the same information what is conveniently available at Empire Today website. At a store, the answers we get at customer service regarding flooring details will only depends on the questions we asked. But at Empire Today website, they give you information you would like and need to know, even if you never thought about asking about it!

Empire Today offers in-home service for their clients which is a huge time-saver for a lot of people, who usually dont have the time to hop from one store to the next to purchase their flooring needs. No time to travel to a store to purchase your flooring? No worries, ordering and purchasing for floorings at Empire Today is so easy, simply visit their website today to arrange your in-home estimate online or you can call Empire Today at 800-588-2300. At Empire Today, you can expect professional service and quality floor installation done by an experienced and professional installer, so you dont have to guess if your flooring will be done right or not. Flooring installation should be done right the first time, let the professionals at Empire Today do it for you today.

Be sure to check out the video of the Empire Today jingle below:

Love The Green In Leaves

A lot of times, many of us are so focused and amazed by the beautiful flowers that the plants produced that we sometimes failed to notice the beauty and characteristics of the plants foliage or leaves.

Green is the most common color of leaves, although some leaves changes in color varying from yellow to orange, pink to dark red depending on the type of plants and the season.

Flowers are naturally beautiful and commonly admired and easily noticed by many. But if you will study closely or check out the foliage of each flowering plant as well, you will see how each flower plant have their own unique leaves, different sizes, shapes and textures.

The photographs are showing some images of leaves taken from different types of flowering plants including iris, snowball, and lilac.

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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June 11, 2008

Peony Beauty

If you are looking for a perennial beauty that you can enjoy for many years, a Peony flower is definitely a stunning alternative for your garden. Peonies come in several colors like bright pink, maroon red, white, etc. Their delicate soft petals that resemble rose petals. Sometimes, at first glance, Peony flowers look like huge rose flowers, but when you examine a Peony plant closely, Peony normally dont have torns in the stem, its bud looks like a green ball, the leaves are noticably different shape compare to a rose, and the flower may look like a rose at a glance but they have their own shape and unique characteristics. A Peony plant usually grow into a shrub and produce multiple flowers that usually bloom in late spring or early summer.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

April 8, 2008

Daffodil Flower Blooms

Late last year, during the fall season, we planted few hundreds of daffodils bulbs all over our yard. We got a great deal of daffodil bulbs at a warehouse store, and it was hard to pass up. This spring time is the first blooms of all the new daffodils that we planted last fall. And they been coming out and blooming like crazy since March, and its already April and we still have plenty of daffodil blooms all around. I should say that all the hardwork and dirty work of digging tiny holes, dropping the bulbs and covering them up with soil were all worthwhile because if we didnt exert all the effort that we did, then we probably dont get to see all the colorful blooms that we now enjoy, and for years to come.

The photo provided above is one of the one that I took from our yard. It is the combo white and yellow one. But the most common daffodil that we have in our yard are the solid bright yellow, which is also very pretty and attractive. The great thing about daffodils is that they are easy to grow and care, hardly any maintenace at all, and the deer dont like them, so even if you plant them outside the fence or gate, the deer usually dont eat them. Although, sometimes deer try to take a bite, but they usually ended up spitting them out.
Written By ©JazeVox

March 19, 2008

Spring Delight Crocuses

If you have several different variety of flowers in your yard, you will surely notice that the first few flowers that will come out and bloom after winter time are your crocuses, if you have crocus planted in your yard. Crocuses are definitely early spring bloomers, sometimes they flowers around first week of March, even before the actual spring date!

Crocus flowers come in different color varieties like white, purple, pink, and even multi-colored stripes of purple and white. Crocus flowers comes from bulbs, which you can abundantly buy during fall season. And when planted during the fall season, you can usually expect the Crocuses to flower and bloom at spring time that follow.

Mature crocus flowers only measures around 4 to 5 inches in height, so they are perfect as bed flowers or as borders. If you use crocus in combination with other flower plants to create a garden oasis, it would be best to have the crocus in front or in the outer part of the garden because of their short heights, and you dont want to burry these beautiful blooms.

The great thing about crocus is that they grow back year after year, if the bulbs are properly keep safe and well-mulched to get protected through the winter times. Over time, more and more crocuses will come out in your yard because the bulbs multiply as years pass by.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

March 8, 2008

Gorgeous Sunny Saturday

Today is absolutely beautiful, sunny and comfortable outside, we just had to take advantage of such a great weather, what else could we ask for to start the weekend?

Today is the first time that we finally came out and actually enjoyed our yard again. We pulled out an overnight-thawed pork ribs and grilled them outside in our barbeque grill. While waiting for the meat to cook, I started raking the dead leaves in the gardens to give plants fresh airflow. My hubby were raking the leaves that were all over the lawn area, and later I helped him with that as well. We were able to collect few loads of wheelbarrow full of dead leaves today! The lawn still have some brownish color from being asleep the whole winter, but new growth of greens are starting to appear. All the frozen water that were in our garden pond finally melted, possibly ready to have the filter and fountain back on again.

When the porb ribs were cooked I opened a canned of pork and beans and threw them in the microwave for two minutes, and also prepared quick-fix mashed potato. The grilled pork came out yummy, so perfect with the beans and popato. One of my favorite time in the summer or spring is being able to go out like today, and being able to grill meat or burgers for lunch or dinner while enjoying the weather outside! Usually, we dont do outdoor barbequing during winter because it is too cold and bothersome to be outside, and when it is wet, foggy, or snowy, the last thing that you really want to do is being outside and being exposed in the freezing cold while waiting for the food to cook!

February 29, 2008

Revolutionary Armless Gate Opener

We always wanted to have a hidden garden in our backyard complete with a nice fancy gate and decorative fence. So when I learned about the new and revolutionize gate opener from Turnstyle Enterprises Inc, my hubby and I were totally amazed with the new technology and design of their state-of-the-art armless gate opener.

Turnstyle gate opener looks so sleek and so simple, it doesnt destroy the beauty and style of any type of gate at all. Turnstyle gate opener works with all types of gates including a highly artistic and decorative wood gate that I imagine that would looks great in our hidden garden one day. The fact the Turnstyle gate opener has an armless feature, this gate opener definitely revolutionize how gate opener should be, and not only it is functional but mechanically looks uncluttered and non-distractive because the old-designed swing arm is completely eliminated, which is one of the main advantage of using Turnstyle gate opener compare to the outdated traditional ones.
The gate opener by Turnstyle comes in both automatic and manual mounting systems. And it is a do-it-yourself installation procedure, just install the mount, slide the gate into position, and then attach the brackets. And if your gate doesnt match with any of their existing stocks, then you have the option to customize your order, inorder to match the color of the gate, and make your gate opener completely looks like it is specially made just for your gate. The unit is powered by either a rechargeable battery or a solar panels.

Daisy Is The Friendliest Flower

I personally think that Daisy is one of the friendliest flower, dont you think so too? Daisy is not only very easy to grow but they are also very easy to maintain, if not requires no maintainance at all. It is a perennial flower, which comes back and bloom year after year, if planted in the right location. Daisy works great in a sunny area, for maximum growth performance.

Daisy can be planted mostly using their tiny seeds, all you need is spread the seeds in the area where you want them planted, with the soil cultivated. To avoid the birds and other fowls from eating the seeds, its best to cover the seeds around 1/4 inch of soil. To promote germination, keep the soil moist but not flooded. Once the plant becomes established and grow up with full-grown leaves showing, then you can water once a day or three times a week, just to give them nutrients and encourange them to flower. The great thing about Daisy is that, once their root are established in the ground, they require minimal water and Daisies are quite drought tolerant.

So if you plant early, after the danger of frost, you should be getting blooms during the summer or possibly spring even. And they will surely add beautiful colors to your yard. Daisy comes in different colors and sizes, but the most common ones are the while petals with yellow, and could grow up to around 3-4 feet tall.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

February 26, 2008

A Dream Farm

I grow up surrounded by a family that loves planting and gardening. Although, I was not raised in a big farm land, the little bit of yard where I grew up with, is surrounded with all kinds of plants including flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables. That is why I am such into gardening and planting. My grandparents did own some farming property in the past in which they had tenants to grow some crops and fruits. Being surrounded by all the vegetables and fruit trees in our yard that allowed me and my siblings the freedom and opportunity to harvest the fruits and vegetables anytime for free, was such a satisfying feeling! The best part about growing your own fruits and vegetable is watching a planted seed turn into a seedling, and grow up big and tall, bearing fruits and vegetables that you can serve in the family table.

We are a great fans of a reality TV series about a family in Oregon who owns a
farm and grow all kinds of crops in their gorgeous property. They have such great land that allows them to do farming in their own yard. My hubby and I always thought and imagine of having a great piece of land like theirs that we can convert into a farm so that we can grow all types of fruit trees like apples, peaches, nactarines, pears, strawberries, and more. We also thought that having a pond in the area would allow us to grow some fishes and attract some natural wildlife in the farm like geese and ducks. Having goats, chickens, and cows in the farm would definitely complete the whole dream farm, preferably close but in an outskirt of a busy city. It is definitely nice being surrounded by nature, and living in a natured-riched and green environment because it seems more relaxing, slow-paced, and less stressful. One of my favorite saying or analogy about farming is that planting seeds and allowing them to grow into fruits and vegetables is definitely a blessing and income-possibility coming out of the ground and growing in your own backyard, and if it is a fruit tree bearing fruits, it is like money-income or money-savings hanging all over your tree!

February 19, 2008

Rock Salt Deicing Is Unhealthy For Your Plants

For many places with winter and really cold days like some parts of the USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries, it is not uncommon that block ice will eventually developed and becomes dangerously slippery for anyone, specially that block ice are not very visible due to the fact that they are clear ice which is usually transparent and colorless. And for many people who deal with block ice and winter times, they normally use rock salts which is originally made for water softener to spread around areas like our decks, walkways, steps, and driveways inorder to deice and allows the ice to melt. But if you use rock salt to deice any surface of your properties, make sure that you will not be spreading rock salt very near areas where you have flowers and other plants because the salt is definitely not good and not healthy for your plants. Having too much salt added to your soil could kill the plants. So if you use rock salt to deice your decks, driveways, and other surfaces, try to avoid areas near plants and gardens, and try to spread ice in areas where when the ice melts, the melted ice wont flow towards any of your flower beds or garden.

February 6, 2008

Let The Sunshine Come

Instead of hearing people singing for winter song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, i can just imagine many of them mumbling inside their heads, No More Snow, No More Snow, No More Snow, and let the sunshine come. Certaintly, not all parts in the world have the same climates and weather, but for people in areas like northern United States, north-west US (like OR, WA, northCA) and north-east US (like NY, CT, etc), China, Alaska, Canada, etc, there are probably some who wish that winter will be over until next season. Many parts of northern CA had been hit with successive winter storms both rain and snow since the start of the year 2008, and there is still no sign of spring except for the displays in stores.

The other day, we were watching the NEWS show on telivision that featured Ground Hog Day, and according to the myth, that if you will lift the Ground Hog up in the air and will create a shadow, it means that there will still be six (6) more weeks of winters, and the Ground Hog that they featured in the NEWS that day (Ground Hog Day) produced a shadow, meaning winter is not over yet.

We went to a store today and my hubby is abviously so ready for spring too. In our shopping cart, you could find three (3) small peach trees, a huge box of Miracle grow plants vitamin, two (2) huge plant pots, and a big roll of weed control mat. All of them are gardening items, so they will be stored temporarily in our shed until spring is here, when we ca actually do gardening again.

Hope you all have great weather out there! What is the weather like where you live?

February 3, 2008

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January 19, 2008

Getting Ready For Spring Time

We went to Lowes last night and it hit me that winter is almost over and spring is coming up finally! We roamed around the store, and gone in the featured section of the store are snowblowers and snow shovels, because they all been replaced with yard tractors, lawn mowers and lots of lots of plants. There were plants all over, we even saw a bunch of different types of palms for sale for only around $11 each, but unfortunately when we read the planting instructions, its hardy only up to around 40 degrees fahrenheit, which is so not gonna work in our area, because we could get cold up to 20-30 degrees cold, and we dont really just wanna spend money on plants that wont survive in our climate, we already spent too much on orchids plants before, but so far, we are unlucky because none of the orchids survive in our weather, sigh.

But if you are looking forward to getting plenty of flowers and variety of colorful display this spring time, then its almost time to start planting again, depending largely on your location, most seeds can be planted after the danger of frost for more chances of germination and surviving. But there are plenty of seedlings, flowers in pots, and packet of seeds now widely available in several department stores and home improvement stores (like Lowes and Home Depot). So if you are thinking of planting for spring blooming, then for sure you are gonna have fun checking out all the store with all kinds of different variety of flowers to choose. We are definitely ready for some colorful in our yard again, after months of fall and winter, which dont really have much color but the leaves.

Any plans of planting new plants for spring color? Which type of flowers do you prefer, annuals or perennials?

January 8, 2008

Let The Trees Go Deeper

Last night, we were watching the tv news, and saw lots of big huge trees that were uprooted and fell to peoples yard, some in their cars, while others in their houses due to the heavy rainstorms that hit California these past few days. One of the main reason that trees feel like this is because the ground is so soft and moist and with the heavy weight of the branches and leaves above, the tree based could hardly support the whole weight anymore, specially when there are no supporting force in the ground to keep the tree standing. And when there are gust winds in the air, it would only make things worse, specially when the winds is blowing in one direction constantly, putting force to the tree to get uprooted ever more, and quicker. A lot of times, the trees that got uprooted like this have very shallow root-based. The roots are so shallow, that if you see them got uprooted, the root trees were only penetrating few feet deep in the ground, and that is not enough for some trees to have a strong based specially when it get stormy and wet around. So if you try to plant trees, specially the big ones, try to think of the long period, how they will be watered properly, and think of the formation and development of the trees root system. Let the roots go deeper into the ground to create a more sturdy root-based and one way to do this is to water the tree in little drips, so that the water will have the chance to soak deeper into the ground, and the root will go deeper to try to get to the water. But if you are watering heavily and so shallow without allowing the water to soak in, then the trees dont have to go deeper to get the nutrients anymore, and ended up growing with shallow roots.

January 5, 2008 Transition 2012 2013

To all my blog readers and visitors, I would like to let you know that I finally got the domain name running for this blog, previously Planting Diary, now Gardeners Land. The new domain name for this blog is now The old one still works, and will be automatically forwarded to the new domain, though.

It took me awhile to have the domain name hook up, because my registrar could not figure out my request several times. I finally have it running, hopefully you will the take time to ADD my new domain name in you blogrolls or links too, i would truly appreciate it! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day to you.

UPDATES 2013 January - Information above is changed from Planting Diary to Gardeners Land...

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