February 26, 2008

A Dream Farm

I grow up surrounded by a family that loves planting and gardening. Although, I was not raised in a big farm land, the little bit of yard where I grew up with, is surrounded with all kinds of plants including flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables. That is why I am such into gardening and planting. My grandparents did own some farming property in the past in which they had tenants to grow some crops and fruits. Being surrounded by all the vegetables and fruit trees in our yard that allowed me and my siblings the freedom and opportunity to harvest the fruits and vegetables anytime for free, was such a satisfying feeling! The best part about growing your own fruits and vegetable is watching a planted seed turn into a seedling, and grow up big and tall, bearing fruits and vegetables that you can serve in the family table.

We are a great fans of a reality TV series about a family in Oregon who owns a
farm and grow all kinds of crops in their gorgeous property. They have such great land that allows them to do farming in their own yard. My hubby and I always thought and imagine of having a great piece of land like theirs that we can convert into a farm so that we can grow all types of fruit trees like apples, peaches, nactarines, pears, strawberries, and more. We also thought that having a pond in the area would allow us to grow some fishes and attract some natural wildlife in the farm like geese and ducks. Having goats, chickens, and cows in the farm would definitely complete the whole dream farm, preferably close but in an outskirt of a busy city. It is definitely nice being surrounded by nature, and living in a natured-riched and green environment because it seems more relaxing, slow-paced, and less stressful. One of my favorite saying or analogy about farming is that planting seeds and allowing them to grow into fruits and vegetables is definitely a blessing and income-possibility coming out of the ground and growing in your own backyard, and if it is a fruit tree bearing fruits, it is like money-income or money-savings hanging all over your tree!


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the same environment, and my grandma, who lived right next door, got me interested in gardening at a young age. There's nothing like it.

Anonymous said...

we feel the same, its rewarding to see getting dirty with the hands and enjoy beautiful flowers as the end result, or yummy fruits! thanks Chris for stopping by :-)

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