July 27, 2012

Canna Lily Tropical Flowering Plant

Canna Lily is a flowering tropical plant that originates from the tropics but are also popularly grown in several different countries not only in the tropical islands but also in Europian countries, as well as United States of America. Canna Lilies have giant attractive foliage and bright colorful flowers which make this plant an easy choice for landscaping and favorite among many gardeners because they grow back year after year, and they are pretty. There are wide variety of Canna Lilies available out there, some have plain green leaves, while others have colorful stripe patterns in their foliage. The widely popular and available colors of Canna Lilies are the red, orange, and yellow, or a combination of these colors.  

If you look closely at the flower itself they are oddly shape, but looks beautiful at the same time. From a distance its easy to notice the medium size flowers of Canna Lilies blooming beautifully because of their color and the bountiful big constrasting leaves surrounding the flowers, highlighting the flowers even more. And because of their bright attrative colors, they are great attractors of hummingbirds. So if you love to invite hummingbird in your yard, you might want to plant some of the red Canna Lilies because they are widely attracted to color red for food. 

Canna Lilies grow from rhizomes, which is a form of an underground stems. When you buy Canna Lilies from the store for gardening, a lot of them are packed and sold in this manner, rhizome forms. Although, you can buy an already growing plant, in which all you need to do is transplant for instant gratification, buying it in a plant form rather than in a rhizome form is usually a lot more expensive. Buying it in a plant form with leaves and stems on it already is a lot more expenseive because basically all you have to do is transplant it in the ground or planter, and wait for the flowers to bloom, considering that you do water and occassionally fertilize them too. One thing to remember, if you ever buy them in rhizome forms you need to make sure that you remember where you actually plant them so that you can tend and water them while they are buried below ground because planting with rhizomes means you will plant them below the ground and nothing will be visible until they started to grow stems, leaves, and come out of the ground.

Once planted and they mature as a plant in your yard, they can grow as tall as 4 to 6 feet in height which will definitely make a huge presence in your yard. They can grow tall and multiply wide which is great for landscaping a big plain yard. Being planted at the right climate, and given right care and maintenace it might need, they can come back year after year and naturally they can multiply from underground through its rhizomes. Each following year, you will notice that they cover more ground. The more years you have the plant, it can multiply from below and grow more plants from it.

The good news is, you do not have to dig the rhizomes below to plant more Canna Lilies in other parts of your yard or garden. If you have not heard already, you can actually grow Canna Lilies from their seeds too. In a natural cycle without you taking the effort and initiative to grow them from their seeds, the Canna Lilies can still multiply from seeds but it could take years for these seeds to germinate and grow because it has a very hard outer shell that will be hard to break in a natural environment. But with some techniques available to grow Canna Lilies from seeds, you can fast forward the cycle and easily grow these magnifienct flowers from its seeds rather than wait for nature to break the seed hard shell which could possibly take several years before they do.

Here is a video clip of growing Canna Lily from seeds. This video is your getway to speed up the multiplication process of your Canna Lily from its seeds, without waiting for nature to let it grow naturally:

This video will show you where you can find the Canna Lily seeds or where you can locate them from the flowers:

I hope that you learned somethings new about Canna Lilies today, whether you have an existing plant, or wanting to have one. Thank you for visiting Gardeners Land website today. We will be sharing more posts about flower, fruit, plants and gardenings, so please feel free to subscribe in our YouTube channel for more gardening videos

May 27, 2012

Building A Storage Shed In The Backyard

We recently been thinking of building another storage shed in our backyard to store some of our garden equipments, outdoor furnitures, etc. I always prefer to keep our shovels, rakes, brooms in a storage shed and out-of-sight when not in use. And also when they are put away then they are away from the sun exposure which will definitely prolong the lifespan of our gardening tools. Also, during fall and winter season when the weather is pretty much wet or cold and chilly outside most days for several months that none of the outdoor furnitures will be used anyways, I like having them put away so that they can be re-use the following summer or spring. There is no reason for them to be outside all year when we can only use them during summer and spring times because if we leave them outside all year ling then the sun will destroy the materials overtime with prolong and constant exposure to the damaging sunlights. With all the things we need to store and we are out of storage space in the house, we desperately need a new storage shed to put in our yard.

We checked out some pre-made storage sheds in three different home improvement stores this week and none of them really meet what we need and want, shape-wise and quality-wise. Although they have several size selections and customization options, the more we customize to what we want the higher the price, uggh. We built a storage shed in the past solely by ourselves so I know that we can do so much better building the shed ourselves because we have the full control of what materials to use for the construction, and controlling the cost of the whole project is so much easier when we will be able to control the type of materials we use for the project. As long we have a proper storage shed plan handy and ready to follow. It's really not that difficult if you are quite a handyman and do-it-yourself type of person that knows how to hummer nails and operate saw and screwdrivers. 

Basing on our experience, building a storage shed, assembling it is only part of the process, because you still have to figure out what the shed is going to look like, and that is the first part of the process and i think it is the more difficult part because it involves the planning stage which includes determining the materials and shape of the structure and make sure it is safe, etc. Nobody should have to go through the headache of figuring structural plans of shed anymore because they are already available. So if you are thinking of building a storage shed and doing it yourself also, there are wide variety of storage shed plans that you can purchase, so you dont have to re-invent the wheel when its already available for you, save you time and money. With all the different designs available, its easy to find the right shapes and sizes that you really want to put in your yard.  8MKQYTV9626Q

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