July 31, 2010

Some Uses For Palm Tree Fibers

We cleaned up our palm trees with old dead branches. And underneath all those branches are bunch of brown fibers that are wrapped around the palm tree. Before you decide to toss it in the garbage can, you might want to save it for some possible uses that you never thought of.

These fibers are intricate weaved pattern of tiny strong natural fibers thats can be placed at the bottom of your flower pots to drain your water down but not the soil, so it serves as a filtering device, keep the soil but drain the water. Normally, we use rocks at the bottom of the pots to keep the dirt from washing away, but rocks can be heavy. As a great alternative, these palm fibers can be put below the soil in 2 or 3 layers to minimize the soil from going thru the bottom holes of the pots.

Another great use of palm tree fibers are for your arts and crafts projects. Yes, the possibilities are endless. With some glue or other tools, you can use these fibers in so many different ways, its just a matter of being creative with it.  

Written and Photography by Jazevox of Planting Diary blog. All rights reserved.

July 28, 2010

A Woodpecker Up In Our Tree

I was out in our yard one time and I heard a peckering noise up in the tree. The noise had been going on for quite some time. I had no idea what it was but I know it was coming from the tree above me at that time. When I scanned the tree following where the noise came from, I saw a bird peckering in the side of it. When I saw the bird, I decided to grab my camera really quick  hoping it would not fly off while I ran for the camera. Luckily, the bird was still there, so I was able to take some few shots. I heard of woodpeckers bird busily peckering trees before but I never actually saw one until this one. Here are some shots i got: 

Written and Photography by Jazevox of GardenersLand blog. All rights reserved.

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