December 31, 2007

Peach Tree Plant - Keep Ants Off Your Peaches Fruits - Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dont get me wrong, but when it comes to our fruit trees, we dont really wanna share them with the ants. But i noticed that ants seems to love to eat the fruits in the trees, just as much as we do.

I am still in the process of researching what are the good benefits of ants in our garden. I know that ants are very hard working little fellows that every humans should learned from. They work so well together as a team, which humans might forget how to do so sometimes.

But as we (ants and humans) co-exist in this planet, ants seem to cross the path of humans, like getting interested in our fruits trees, for instance. We have several fruit trees in our little yard like peaches, nactarines, cherries, pears, apples, etc, and noticed that ants have the same goal like us, to taste and savor the juicy sweet taste of the fruits.

This is not one hundred percent guarantee that works, but try to paint the tree bark all around the tree to hopefully divert ants away from the fruit trees. We usually use the white paint that are safe for plants and ground. A white paint that are specially manufactured for bark or tree painting, to keep insects like ants stay in the ground, and not climb up the trees eating the fruits. Like other paints, you need brush to paint it to the bark. usually from the bottom of the bark, up to around two to three feet high around the tree bark. Paint will peel over time, so painting needs to be re-done again after few months. This method doesnot always fully work, but it minimized the ants population in the fruit trees.

It is also a good idea that none of the branches and leaves of the fruit trees are touching the house, building, decks, pools, or any other stuff, that may work as a trail for the ants to get through your fruit trees. Try to cut branches that our touching any areas that ants will use as a short cut or road to access your tree aside from the ground to the bark, which you can paint (as mentioned above).


waliz said...

hmmmm...wht a beautiful peaches u got jazebox....i will climb tose tree if i was the ants..hehehe..who can resist that juicy, sweet and lovely fruits of yours!

btw..thanks for the tips..i only have mango, rambutan, durian, papaya and banana trees at my yard. sound exotic huh..? i dont knw u have heard of ths tropical fruits or not...

Jazevox said...

hi waliz, Happy New Year 2008!

climbing the peach tree wasnt needed, we harvest most of fruits with feet in the ground :-) and some using telecopic fruit harvester, the tree limbs are very tiny and skinny, not sturdy enough for climbing

yes, im familiar with mango, durian, papaya and banana. my fave fruit is mango! we try to grow banana here (indoor), its growing but not bearing fruit still!

Marie said...

wow! they look so yummy, kung ants ako talagang titikman ko yong mga yon... hehhee... musta dito sis?

Marie said...

wow! they look so yummy, kung ants ako talagang titikman ko yong mga yon... hehhee... musta dito sis?

Jazevox said...

haha, pait baya nang ants! okey here, not doing gardening at this time of year though, its winter and we are covered with few inches snow right now :-)

Moms Life Blog said...

nice pics Jazevox, thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. Regarding your questions, I heard the Arabian nights but I heard it is sucks that is why my husband and I did not go there hehehe. My husband and I did tried the Sleuth's dinner and show and that was pretty good, their story about mystery or like murder mystery.. I will post about it soon. Their admission is a little bit expensive per person about 40-50 dollars but in Al Capone's show just 25 dollars per person, I had fun those kind of show and besides its not a boring dinner. Ok til now, it seems my msg. is a bit long. hahaha! ciao!

Anonymous said...

hi Gen, if you only heard about it being sucky, you might want to find it out yourself to know if it really suck :-) bcoz Ive been to Arabian Knights TWICE in different years, and we just love their show, and we want to go their again!

i think the entrance for Arabian Knights is around $40-50 per person, cant remember exactly..but its in that range

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