January 8, 2008

Let The Trees Go Deeper

Last night, we were watching the tv news, and saw lots of big huge trees that were uprooted and fell to peoples yard, some in their cars, while others in their houses due to the heavy rainstorms that hit California these past few days. One of the main reason that trees feel like this is because the ground is so soft and moist and with the heavy weight of the branches and leaves above, the tree based could hardly support the whole weight anymore, specially when there are no supporting force in the ground to keep the tree standing. And when there are gust winds in the air, it would only make things worse, specially when the winds is blowing in one direction constantly, putting force to the tree to get uprooted ever more, and quicker. A lot of times, the trees that got uprooted like this have very shallow root-based. The roots are so shallow, that if you see them got uprooted, the root trees were only penetrating few feet deep in the ground, and that is not enough for some trees to have a strong based specially when it get stormy and wet around. So if you try to plant trees, specially the big ones, try to think of the long period, how they will be watered properly, and think of the formation and development of the trees root system. Let the roots go deeper into the ground to create a more sturdy root-based and one way to do this is to water the tree in little drips, so that the water will have the chance to soak deeper into the ground, and the root will go deeper to try to get to the water. But if you are watering heavily and so shallow without allowing the water to soak in, then the trees dont have to go deeper to get the nutrients anymore, and ended up growing with shallow roots.


waliz said...

hi jazebox...i find this info is very useful since i plan to plant many trees around my yard...:D

hope it will grow well and give shades to my compound..

Anonymous said...

hi Waliz, best of luck on your tree planting project

our planet could definitely need more people like you, add more trees in our planet, to help with the growing global warming issues we face

Anonymous said...

Hi jazevox,
I've added both your sites to my blogs. thanks for the link exchange - you have some great blogs!

Anonymous said...

thanks Chris, truly appreciate it. so do you, like your blogs topics, definitely in my alley

Raquel said...

Jaze, walang tagboard kaya dito nalang. Just doing my regular rounds to everybody. Ingat...

Anonymous said...

Very good post. I also think that shallow root systems occur because of too much man-made buildings, streets, pipes and other things that take up soil area. Trees growing next to streets cannot root underneath them and spread out,, so they are limited in how many roots they can put out and where.
Your advice about drip watering is right on! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

@AL of LifeandLawns: Thanks for the additional inputs, i totally agree, reminds me of the plants in the pots, the older they get growing in a pot, the shape of the roots will be the same as the pot

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