June 18, 2009

Banana Plant

One of the common fruit that usually land in many family tables is the banana fruit. Bananas are readily available for purchase in most grocery stores, supermarkets, and/or markets to be included in our daily diet. Its delicious and highly nutricious.

Most families have banana fruits in their regular food intake, but most of us do not really think much about how they grow or what a banana plant really looks like. The above photo shows a photo of a banana heart or flower, where each of the banana fruit has been nurtured as it develops into a mature fruit over time. The banana heart is usually composed of deep crimson red or maroon color layers skin housing young banana tender fruits as it undergo development and grow bigger to become banana fruits.

Banana plants commonly grow in tropical climates like Hawaii and many Asian countries. Although, banana plant does sometimes grow and survive in some parts of the USA with tropical weather. In areas with severe winter and freezing temperatures, banana can also possibly grow in a controlled environment like bigger greenhouses and/or indoors (for dwarf banana plants) with proper lighting and sun exposure.

A normal banana plants looks like the one in the photo above, they have huge leaves that are overtimes torn and shreded at the plant mature and expose to the wind and weather battling the leaves back and forth, tearing them apart that resembles to a paper halfway shredded.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.
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Water Damage Louisville, KY said...

such a cool looking plant! and i like it even more because i love bananas!

<3 Linds

Flowers said...

Wow. Banana trees looks so good. I've never seen banana trees. My garden tour was awesome.

pixelshots said...

hiii..nice blog.. me too have some similar postings.. can you identify the type of banana in my blog..?


Dee said...

I love banana trees. I used to see them all the time in Asia where I used to live, and miss seeing them now that I'm in the US. I also loved eating banana hearts; we used to cook them in coconut milk--delicious!

www.PlantingDiary.com said...

hi everyone, thanks for stopping by!
@flowers: i love garden tours too, i would love to someday visit a Japanese garden, i think they have really neat plants

www.PlantingDiary.com said...

@Dee: yes! banana hearts are good, they are very healty too!

appliances, said...

Banana tree is goog example for human beaing becaue its every part is useful......

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