August 6, 2008

Yellow And Red Tulip

This beautiful bright yellow tulip with red accent is one of the most unique tulip flower that we have in our yard and definitely one of my absolute favorite. In general, i love tulips specially the long-stemmed ones because they look so simple standing tall and pretty both in the garden or as cut flowers.

So if you are looking for tulip blooms next year at springtime, it is almost time to check out the stores for tulip bulbs. Most flower bulbs are available for sale and ready for planting near or on fall season. The closer and closer we approach fall season, the more tulip bulbs are readily available for sale in many different stores.

A little time you take to plant a tulip bulb or two, will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of this beauty in your own yard for many years to come!

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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waliz said...

ths is the first time i see tulips wth some stripe on it..but i agree wth u it was amazingly beautiful!

Marie said...

this is very beautiful Jaze...

musta na pla? tagal din akong nawala sa blogosphere but am back now...

hope to see you in my blogs again....

flower delivery in philippines said...

Yeah! I agree with you there, "This beautiful bright yellow tulip with red accent is one of the most unique tulip flower" Wish I can also have that in my garden. I really love it.


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