August 19, 2008

A Quick Glance At Dandelions

Dandelion is a flowering plant with attractive bright yellow flower that transformed into a stunning intricate Dandelion seed clock as it progresses over time. Although, for some gardeners, this flowering plant can be one deceiving beauty because they are widely considered as weeds and a complete nuisance in most gardens and lawns. But at the same time, Dandelion have beneficial purposes for both in culniary and medicinal uses. Dandelion is such a popular plant that some places even celebrate a Dandelion Day every year!

The Dandelion clock is one of the most popular subject of photography in a Dandelion plant, but the seed components of this clock is so intricate and delicate that a mere blow of a wind against it will burst this clock open, each seed as light as a feather, easily spreading each seeds in the air, which when this happens, you can definitely expect more Dandelion weeds growing in your garden or lawn the following year! For flower garderners and lawn people, knowing that you just planted and spread more Dandelion seeds in your yard is a complete nightmare.
If you see a full and undisturbed Dandelion clock in your garden or lawn, pick it off from the plant slowly and place it in a solid container or trash can carefully, making sure that you wont be shaking it off and dropping the seeds all over.

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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Protect Your Huge Investment, Your Home

Most family consider their houses as a family dwelling and a home, a place where each member of the family live and share memories together. But even if you have no plans to sell it your home for a profit, owning a home is still considered a huge investment because most family have a tied in mortgages and loans in their homes, while others depends their future savings thru their homes equity. So even if homeowner have no plans to sell their homes, their homes remains tied to them financially. Whether we like it or not, we have no control over things, and sometimes things can go wrong beyond our control like natural calamities or accidents and in times like this it is important that homeowners will be protected and secured of their most valuable family assets, their homes. One best way to be protected is by getting a home insurance to make sure that when things happen that we cannot predict, homeowners will be protected and have a means and help to recover their property loss or damages. As a homeowner, we take pride in owning our homes by keeping it looking nice and clean, enhancing the curb appeal of the yard, planting trees and flowers in the yard, and maintaining it yearly. But having a home insurance is an important part of home ownership inorder to keep you protected, what ever happens. But with so many different home insurance provider nowadays, it is overwhelming for a lot of homeowners to find a home insurance. Many homeowners have no idea when to begin looking, or where to start looking! At website, you can shop and compare different home insurance providers, all in one place and compare prices and services. You will also find plenty of financial tips and articles in the site.

August 6, 2008

Yellow And Red Tulip

This beautiful bright yellow tulip with red accent is one of the most unique tulip flower that we have in our yard and definitely one of my absolute favorite. In general, i love tulips specially the long-stemmed ones because they look so simple standing tall and pretty both in the garden or as cut flowers.

So if you are looking for tulip blooms next year at springtime, it is almost time to check out the stores for tulip bulbs. Most flower bulbs are available for sale and ready for planting near or on fall season. The closer and closer we approach fall season, the more tulip bulbs are readily available for sale in many different stores.

A little time you take to plant a tulip bulb or two, will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of this beauty in your own yard for many years to come!

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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In-Home Flooring Service By Empire Today

Whether you are unhappy with your existing floors or you have been wanting to revitalize and refresh the look and feel of your existing room by changing your current flooring, Empire Today can definitely make it happen for you with their wide selections of available floorings you to choose from. Empire Today sells different types of flooring great for use in both at home and office including variety of styles of carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic flooring. Aside from all types of flooring products, Empire Today also offers window treatments, and bath and shower liners.

If you are planning to buy a carpet for your home or office, it is so easy and convenient to choose a carpet from Empire because their website gives you a lot of details and specifications regarding each type of carpet they offer inorder to help and guide you in determining which one best fits your needs and meets your criteria.

Having the access to all the detailed information regarding different types of flooring at Empire Today website, available at anytime so you can do your research at your most convenient time and your own pace, is definitely a huge advantage specially that most of us are always on-the-go, busy and dont have the luxury of time to go in different brick-and-mortar flooring stores to fall in-line and wait for the store customer service to give us the same information what is conveniently available at Empire Today website. At a store, the answers we get at customer service regarding flooring details will only depends on the questions we asked. But at Empire Today website, they give you information you would like and need to know, even if you never thought about asking about it!

Empire Today offers in-home service for their clients which is a huge time-saver for a lot of people, who usually dont have the time to hop from one store to the next to purchase their flooring needs. No time to travel to a store to purchase your flooring? No worries, ordering and purchasing for floorings at Empire Today is so easy, simply visit their website today to arrange your in-home estimate online or you can call Empire Today at 800-588-2300. At Empire Today, you can expect professional service and quality floor installation done by an experienced and professional installer, so you dont have to guess if your flooring will be done right or not. Flooring installation should be done right the first time, let the professionals at Empire Today do it for you today.

Be sure to check out the video of the Empire Today jingle below:

Love The Green In Leaves

A lot of times, many of us are so focused and amazed by the beautiful flowers that the plants produced that we sometimes failed to notice the beauty and characteristics of the plants foliage or leaves.

Green is the most common color of leaves, although some leaves changes in color varying from yellow to orange, pink to dark red depending on the type of plants and the season.

Flowers are naturally beautiful and commonly admired and easily noticed by many. But if you will study closely or check out the foliage of each flowering plant as well, you will see how each flower plant have their own unique leaves, different sizes, shapes and textures.

The photographs are showing some images of leaves taken from different types of flowering plants including iris, snowball, and lilac.

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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