March 19, 2008

Spring Delight Crocuses

If you have several different variety of flowers in your yard, you will surely notice that the first few flowers that will come out and bloom after winter time are your crocuses, if you have crocus planted in your yard. Crocuses are definitely early spring bloomers, sometimes they flowers around first week of March, even before the actual spring date!

Crocus flowers come in different color varieties like white, purple, pink, and even multi-colored stripes of purple and white. Crocus flowers comes from bulbs, which you can abundantly buy during fall season. And when planted during the fall season, you can usually expect the Crocuses to flower and bloom at spring time that follow.

Mature crocus flowers only measures around 4 to 5 inches in height, so they are perfect as bed flowers or as borders. If you use crocus in combination with other flower plants to create a garden oasis, it would be best to have the crocus in front or in the outer part of the garden because of their short heights, and you dont want to burry these beautiful blooms.

The great thing about crocus is that they grow back year after year, if the bulbs are properly keep safe and well-mulched to get protected through the winter times. Over time, more and more crocuses will come out in your yard because the bulbs multiply as years pass by.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

March 8, 2008

Gorgeous Sunny Saturday

Today is absolutely beautiful, sunny and comfortable outside, we just had to take advantage of such a great weather, what else could we ask for to start the weekend?

Today is the first time that we finally came out and actually enjoyed our yard again. We pulled out an overnight-thawed pork ribs and grilled them outside in our barbeque grill. While waiting for the meat to cook, I started raking the dead leaves in the gardens to give plants fresh airflow. My hubby were raking the leaves that were all over the lawn area, and later I helped him with that as well. We were able to collect few loads of wheelbarrow full of dead leaves today! The lawn still have some brownish color from being asleep the whole winter, but new growth of greens are starting to appear. All the frozen water that were in our garden pond finally melted, possibly ready to have the filter and fountain back on again.

When the porb ribs were cooked I opened a canned of pork and beans and threw them in the microwave for two minutes, and also prepared quick-fix mashed potato. The grilled pork came out yummy, so perfect with the beans and popato. One of my favorite time in the summer or spring is being able to go out like today, and being able to grill meat or burgers for lunch or dinner while enjoying the weather outside! Usually, we dont do outdoor barbequing during winter because it is too cold and bothersome to be outside, and when it is wet, foggy, or snowy, the last thing that you really want to do is being outside and being exposed in the freezing cold while waiting for the food to cook!

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