January 19, 2008

Getting Ready For Spring Time

We went to Lowes last night and it hit me that winter is almost over and spring is coming up finally! We roamed around the store, and gone in the featured section of the store are snowblowers and snow shovels, because they all been replaced with yard tractors, lawn mowers and lots of lots of plants. There were plants all over, we even saw a bunch of different types of palms for sale for only around $11 each, but unfortunately when we read the planting instructions, its hardy only up to around 40 degrees fahrenheit, which is so not gonna work in our area, because we could get cold up to 20-30 degrees cold, and we dont really just wanna spend money on plants that wont survive in our climate, we already spent too much on orchids plants before, but so far, we are unlucky because none of the orchids survive in our weather, sigh.

But if you are looking forward to getting plenty of flowers and variety of colorful display this spring time, then its almost time to start planting again, depending largely on your location, most seeds can be planted after the danger of frost for more chances of germination and surviving. But there are plenty of seedlings, flowers in pots, and packet of seeds now widely available in several department stores and home improvement stores (like Lowes and Home Depot). So if you are thinking of planting for spring blooming, then for sure you are gonna have fun checking out all the store with all kinds of different variety of flowers to choose. We are definitely ready for some colorful in our yard again, after months of fall and winter, which dont really have much color but the leaves.

Any plans of planting new plants for spring color? Which type of flowers do you prefer, annuals or perennials?


waliz said...

i cant wait for the spring tooo!! it means more beautiful flowers around and i can get to see more pics from u...:D

Joy0z said...

thank you very much Jaze. I'm already one month in the poll lol! Not bad as it causes traffic. Have a nice Sunday friend..:)

Marie said...

blog hopping in this cold early morning... i hope you are doing great... good morning!

Anonymous said...

me too, it would be nice to see some colors again, we been wet n white lately

im glad that it gives you additional traffic, thats one of the goal :-)

yes, it is, we are actually having some new snow today and yesterday

Anonymous said...

Oh how I'm ready for Spri8ng...but planting season is still about 3 months off for us up here in the North. But I can dream and plan out my garden anyway.

waliz said...

hi jaze..where have u been?

Anonymous said...

hi Wlaiz, haha, me? hybernating for the winter :-) its cold out.

Oh, we went to a store today and my hubby cant help it.. he was grabbing all kinds of gardening stuff already, and we still have snow in the ground :-) and we still have around 30s degrees Fahrenheit temps these days

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