February 29, 2008

Revolutionary Armless Gate Opener

We always wanted to have a hidden garden in our backyard complete with a nice fancy gate and decorative fence. So when I learned about the new and revolutionize gate opener from Turnstyle Enterprises Inc, my hubby and I were totally amazed with the new technology and design of their state-of-the-art armless gate opener.

Turnstyle gate opener looks so sleek and so simple, it doesnt destroy the beauty and style of any type of gate at all. Turnstyle gate opener works with all types of gates including a highly artistic and decorative wood gate that I imagine that would looks great in our hidden garden one day. The fact the Turnstyle gate opener has an armless feature, this gate opener definitely revolutionize how gate opener should be, and not only it is functional but mechanically looks uncluttered and non-distractive because the old-designed swing arm is completely eliminated, which is one of the main advantage of using Turnstyle gate opener compare to the outdated traditional ones.
The gate opener by Turnstyle comes in both automatic and manual mounting systems. And it is a do-it-yourself installation procedure, just install the mount, slide the gate into position, and then attach the brackets. And if your gate doesnt match with any of their existing stocks, then you have the option to customize your order, inorder to match the color of the gate, and make your gate opener completely looks like it is specially made just for your gate. The unit is powered by either a rechargeable battery or a solar panels.

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