September 24, 2008

Mysterious Mushrooms In The Backyard

Here are some photos of the mysterious mushrooms that been growing in our backyard! We have absolutely no idea where they come from. They were previously not around, but as soon as we started using fertilizers and peat moss in our flowers and lawn, all of a sudden they started showing up in our garden and lawn too. But we are not sure if the added nutrients lead to the growth of these fungis.
These mushrooms come in variety of sizes and when we dont get the chance to remove them right away, they can grow bigger and bigger as days go by. These mushrooms can grow as big as eight (8) inches in diameter, which was the biggest one we found so far.

It resembles like an open umbrella. Eatable or not, we have no clue. But we do remove these mushrooms going in our backyard as soon as we spotted them because we have dogs. Its been known that there are type of mushrooms out there that are not good for dogs, and for safety sake we just assume that all mushrooms are unsafe for our pets, to keep our dogs safe while they play in their own yard.

Written and Photography by JazeVox. All rights reserved.
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