February 6, 2008

Let The Sunshine Come

Instead of hearing people singing for winter song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, i can just imagine many of them mumbling inside their heads, No More Snow, No More Snow, No More Snow, and let the sunshine come. Certaintly, not all parts in the world have the same climates and weather, but for people in areas like northern United States, north-west US (like OR, WA, northCA) and north-east US (like NY, CT, etc), China, Alaska, Canada, etc, there are probably some who wish that winter will be over until next season. Many parts of northern CA had been hit with successive winter storms both rain and snow since the start of the year 2008, and there is still no sign of spring except for the displays in stores.

The other day, we were watching the NEWS show on telivision that featured Ground Hog Day, and according to the myth, that if you will lift the Ground Hog up in the air and will create a shadow, it means that there will still be six (6) more weeks of winters, and the Ground Hog that they featured in the NEWS that day (Ground Hog Day) produced a shadow, meaning winter is not over yet.

We went to a store today and my hubby is abviously so ready for spring too. In our shopping cart, you could find three (3) small peach trees, a huge box of Miracle grow plants vitamin, two (2) huge plant pots, and a big roll of weed control mat. All of them are gardening items, so they will be stored temporarily in our shed until spring is here, when we ca actually do gardening again.

Hope you all have great weather out there! What is the weather like where you live?


Joy0z said...

Hre in Oz weather is sometimes hot,sometimes cold. But it is really summer time that is why the sun still shining up to 9pm. During winter sun goes down as early as 4PM. Have a great Ash Wednesday jaze.

Anonymous said...

thanks Joy, same to you and your family

sounds like you have the perfect weather out there. summer and spring is my favorite seasons, its easier to get out and do stuff outside

here in CA, its like that too, when its summer, its still bright up to around 9pm, but during winter, it get dark so early as early as 4pm

waliz said...

hi jaze...long time dont see...! in malaysia the weather is very hot and humid..i dare not to be outdoor for a long time..i can get sunburn..i'm hoping for a rain now..:D

Anonymous said...

the rain and snow that we been getting is extremely needed here in CA, its a mess, but its needed, its actually a blessing, so nobody should complain with the rain we are getting :-)

lol...when its hot, i hide in the shade most of the time too! nice to see you again Waliz

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