November 20, 2007

The Signs of Fall

I woke up this morning with thoughts about Autumn/Fall, a season that not all countries got the chance to experience. In the tropical climate there is basically two seasons, rainy days and summer days. There is no such thing as winter and fall like here in the US. Fall or autumn season does definitely has its own unique characteristics and interestings facts.

My hubby and I started talking about the things that change around us when its fall, and here are some of the things that we noticed as:

The Signs of Fall

People started cleaning up the rain gutters of their homes and replacing new gutter screens.

Spiders wanna force their way into your homes! So watch out, they could be just few inches away from your door, ready to sneak in when its open.

You started smelling smoke and seeing smoke in peoples chimney.

People started buying and bringing firewoods and logs and stack them near the fireplace.

The squirrels are double-time and last minute picking acorns for winter foods.

The leaves in the trees are turning yellows and reds.

People gear up with their leave blowers and rakes and started clearing up the yard full of leaves.

You started using your heater almost everyday and the electricity bill started rising!

You see a lot of flower bulbs for sale in most department stores, supermarkets and home improvement stores.

You need to warm/heat the car before you can drive and leave in the morning.

You see pumkins, lots and lots of pumkins, wherever! Decors, stores, farms, etc.

You started hearing the Christmas songs in the supermarket and seeing christmas decors for sale in the stores.

You will noticed more Christmas holiday movies advertised and being played on TV everyday.

You grab your jacket everytime you go out, even for a few minutes because getting cold out. In other words, it is hard to get out without wearing a jacket anymore.

Have a nice and wonderful Fall/Autumn spirit to all!

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Is there something we missed to mentioned here that you think is unique and will happen during fall season? We would like to hear it! Please leave comments :-)


waliz said...

ohh jazebox..i cant commenting on anything bcos never in my life i witness a fall/autum season bfore...but i'm dying to feel how it is...the way u describe make me think how beautiful it is to feel ths season...

Jazevox said...

hi waliz, thank you again for the visit, truly appreciate it.

fall is great season, but its cold and im not the best fan of cold temperatures. nothing can beat the sunny days :-)

Marie said...

i am totally amazed on the color of the leaves and trees right now...gosh! i love the color of fall but not the cold...hohoho...jazevox, sorry for being absent in a couple of days...i just need more time management I guess...i will work on it..have a great Sunday! good morning...

Jazevox said...

hey marie, i dont know if anyone would agree but i like being busy than being idle/stagnant. truly appreciate your visiting here along with your busy sked

me too, like the signs of fall except for the really cold days

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