November 11, 2007

Invite hummingbirds in your yard

One of my favorite moments in our garden are the times when the hummingbirds starts flying nearby, dropping by the yard to checkout the food feeder or different flowers in our yard. Hummingbirds are quite a small creatures, you might not always see them coming right away, but you will always know when they are there because of their noisy flapping wings. There are few occassions that i mistakenly hear the rapid flapping noise of their wings as a loud sounds of a big buzzing bee right in my ear, and those times are heart pumping scary moments. But there is no doubt that you will be so delighted to realize that hummingbirds are checking out your yard!

We do try some effort to let them come to our yard by setting up some hummingbird feeders that we bought from the store. Most hummingbird feeders are made of red material or if not clear glass with red contents because they seem to be normally attracted to the color red. You can buy hummingbird food mixture in many stores, just add water and ready to put in the feeder.

Aside from setting up hummingbird feeders, you can also plant some flowers that help attract hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are particularly attracted to colorful bright flowers specially with red colors in them. So if you want hummingbirds to come by to your yard, why not set up some hummingbird feeders or plant hummingbird attractant flowers. They are always so cool to be around the yard!

Facts about hummingbird:
Their heart beats 1400 times a minute!
Written By: JAZEVOX


waliz said...

wow...its so amazing...i dont know tht we can buy hummingbird feeder in the store...thts really cool...

i agree wth u..birds present in our garden make our garden feel alive...

i always feed the birds with our leftover rice and they keep coming for more...i really enjoy to watch them

Jazevox said...

hi waliz, yes there are all kinds of hummingbird feeders in different shapes and sizes for sale in most gardening and home improvements store here

we found the hummingbird feeders the easiest way to attract the hummingbirds, fining meal is less work for them i guess! food being provided right there for them

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