November 4, 2007

Behind the scene of our spotty lawn

We been having a lot of falling leaves in our lawn area these days from all the different trees that we have around the property. Obviously, the main reason why it is called Fall Season is because most leaves die down and fall from the trees at this time of year.

There are still a lot of leaves that are waiting to fall, but my hubby decided to clean up our lawn area that are full of leaves already. So I decided to take photos of it before he get rid of all the leaves in the ground. While i was taking photos, our lovely doggy suddenly squat in front of me and start peeing in the lawn.

We have two (2) doggies and noticed lately that we have dead spots all over our lawn area. I previously read in a magazine that female dogs urine cause dead spots in the lawn if they urinate in it and the homeowner would not dilute the area with water right away. But our dogs are both house dogs so when we let them out for potty outside we usually dont follow them to see where they do their business. But we noticed that one of them is having a habit of doing it in the lawn area, but we cannot pinpoint exactly which dog is actually doing it so that we can do something about it like train the dog or something. This photo totally break the ice and answer our question that been lingering in our heads for a while.
NOTE: Hope Im not offending anyone with this photo, nor am I a comedian by sharing this photo! Its part of my gardening story! Peace!


waliz said...

the first WORD i thought when i saw all the leaves there is "COMPOST"...

Do u a believer in compost...?

waliz said...

i dont have a dog and i'm living in a no fence community...when i saw dead spots in the lawn...the gardener who helps me doing the grass cutting also said the same thing!

so it must be our neighbour's dog doing their small business at my compund...

Marie said...

like here jazevox, leaves start to fall already but they are not yet turning into the beautiful fall color.

Jazevox said...

hi waliz, i believe in compost, but we dont have that new compost machine to make the compost process a breeze, and the traditional way of doing it must be a lot of work ? (never tried that as well), my hubby did mow SOME of the leaves to add nutrients to the lawn

the rest, we are probably just gonna burn or haul to the damp site

Jazevox said...

haha...if thats the case, sounds like your neghbours dog is feeling at home in your yard, waliz

Jazevox said...

hi marie, from what i heard there are some trees that dont really change into red, maroon, orange. Our oak tree leaves just turn yellow then started to go brown then fall off to the grown. Some trees like japanese maple, aspine trees, etc are some of trees that you can expect to definitely see colours during fall

Jazevox said...

opss..typo err:
ground (not grown)

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