November 2, 2007

Oak tree mushroom fungi

Few years ago, we had this beautiful Oak tree that we had to put down by professional tree cutter because it was too near the house and having a huge tree like next to a house is never such a great idea because the roots could penetrate in the foundation of a house, or in other cases, if the tree decided to fall and get uprooted during wet and stormy weather, it could fall in the house next to it specially if it is leaning more in that direction.

Few days ago, while I was taking some pictures of falling leaves in our lawn area this autumn season, I came across this mushroom growing in out cutted oak tree. It looks like a thin fan with multi-color shades of blacks or browns and some dark reds in the edges (see photo above). Im not sure this particular type of mushroom but if you want to read more about mushroom fungi in Oak trees, checkout The Mighty Oak and Its Mushrooms .

Written By: JAZEVOX


waliz said...

i'm so happy to see in my blog yr message 'deer oh deer' and fungi in oak now i can read yr blog as soon as u put it...thanks

Jazevox said...

hey waliz, i just recently noticed that i can send a group message to all members of my community blog! im new to that kind of stuff so im learning as i go along, thanks for droppin by again :-)

Marie said...

friend, I am wondering if that is one of the mushrooms that is edible.... here, I only used to see white mushrooms but if I am not mistaken I saw a brown mushrooms back in Pinas.

Jazevox said...

it could be an edible one but the only mushroom i have eaten is the white umbrella looking one that are common in the groceries here

thanks for dropping by marie and checking out my postings also

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