November 2, 2007

Deer, Ohh Deer!

Boy, oh boy! Looks like we have a fellow caught in the act snacking on our Hydrangea flowers that we bought for around $15 last summer! I woke up this morning and found this deer eating on our garden area. Our block wall is around two (2) feet tall, so you can tell that this deer is probably around three (3) feet in height?

Living here in northern CA, it is expected that sometimes deers will be checking out peoples yard for meals. And with all the flowers we have, they seem to love to check out are place quite more often. So we took extra effort of fencing part our yard to keep the deers out and keep our dogs in. But sometimes, deer take a gamble encountering with our dogs, they jump in our five (5) feet wire fenced easily sometimes and had to fight face to face with our doggies in some occassions. At this time of year, October-November, i noticed that they seem to be coming by in our yard more frequently, which is harder for us because we dont want anymore deadly encounter with our doggies and we dont want our flowers to be eaten.

Written By: JAZEVOX


waliz said...

the deer is cute (sorry i cant help to say that)..

but it must gives u a headache right?i cant comment on how to prevent ths deer frm coming to yr compound because my close encounter wth deer only when i see them in zoo....

Jazevox said...

oh yeah, i still think they are cute! thats why i grabbed the camera and took picture of it! hope they keep away from our garden and dogs, sigh

we do have some recipes for spraying plants with, that deer wont like, but we never got the time to do it

thanks for being a loyal visitor here, i appreciate your visits

Marie said...

wow! I wish I can see a deer in person that close. hehehe. He might be very hungry jazevox...LOL.

Jazevox said...

the deer was hungry indeed, there were leaves missing freshly chewed in our hydrangea plant,

the pic when the deer was looking at me (with my camera) was when the time i was knocking on our glass window to get her attention

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