November 9, 2007

Getting creative with floral arrangement

There is no must-follow rules to arrange flowers, there may be some popular ways to arrange flowers but there are limitless ways and possibilities that you can arrange your flowers your own ways. It is just a matter of being creative, exercising your mind and your imagination.

Out of nowhere, I came up with a way to display some of our daisies and bunch of rose petals. It all started when one day I noticed that we had so many daisies in our yard. The daisies were larger and heavier flowers than what the stem could support thats why some were just bowing to the ground. We did not add stick supports to the daisies because we had so many of them to even try doing it.

So I just cutted the daisies that are too heavy to stand up straight, leaving only an inch stem in each flower. I grab a bowl originally designed for floating candles and filled it with water halfway, then placed the cutted daisies in the water-filled bowl. And to give the arrangement some more decorative touches, I picked one rose and separate the petals to sprinkle them in between the daisies. The result is shown in the photo above. I thought it came out really nice.

So if you have flowers in your yard that might be hiding under the bushes, or grew in a wrong part of your yard where you cannot enjoy, there are ways that you can enjoy these flowers by bringing them inside your house and get creative with your floral arrangement. Just remember that the rule is no rule to being creative.
Written By: JAZEVOX


Nessa said...

That is a cool, easy-peasy floral arrangements! I'll definitely try this for Christmas:D

Thanks for the tip!

Joy0z said...

wow..I may do these when we can move out already..

waliz said...

yeah very creative and beautiful too...actually this flower arrangement reminding me to some of balinese concept..the only thing is they didnt put daisies but frangipani instead...

have u ever heard of frangipani?

Jazevox said...

hi Nessa and Joycdan, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog as well! truly appreciate it!

hi again Waliz, no i never heard of frangipani before but ill try to do some research in this word or type of flower, and be more informed :-) thanks for the tip!

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