October 29, 2007

Stargazer Lily Flower (Part 2)

My last blog post (prior to this post) is also about the beautiful and majestic Stargazer Lily flowers. In my previous post, I talked about few great locations where you can plant the Stargazer Lily, as well as few tips to keep the plant in upright position when it becomes heavy and loaded with huge flower blooms.

Stargazer Lily flowers are widely popular because of its beauty, scent and simplicity. These flowers are prefect cut flowers to add natural decor inside your home or office. To use Stargazer Lily flowers as floral arrangements you usually need wide and tall base to accomodate these tall flowers without tipping the flower base and making a mess in your home or office. Stargazer Lily flower works great on its own or with other types of flowers combined. Either way it will looks nice both as a single flower in a base or as a group of the same flowers, depends on the type of flower base you have.

Stargazer Lily flowers are available in many different stunning colors but some of the most popular and are widely available for sale in most stores are the light white-pink combo, the all-white, and the deep pink ones. Some may not have that floral scent that makes Stargazer Lily a crowd favorite among many people, but to be sure, you can check the packaging label of the bulbs when you purchase it in the store to make sure that you are buying the scented one if that is what you are looking for.
Written By: JAZEVOX


waliz said...

i love this flower too..the colour and the scent make it an attractive sight...

Jazevox said...

hi waliz, thanks again for checkin out my blog! nice to see you back

waliz said...

jazebox..to tell u the truth i also addicted to plants and flower...if u ask me which one i prefer..shopping or plants hunting i will choose the latter! thinking want to start blog ab plants in my garden..but i am not good at photography..

Jazevox said...

ill be checkin your gardening blog as well, you probably have unique flowers where you are. having digital camera will be so much easier to take photographs and use it online for your blog

Marie said...

Lilies and tulips are two of my favorite flowers. Infact, I had lilies in my wedding boquet. I had green and pink lilies with other sort of tropical flowers. I wasn't able to include tulips because I wanted my boquet be kinda different.

Jazevox said...

i cannot remember if we have lilies in pinas, i dont remember seeing one, i think we have day lilies over there? never seen green lilies b4, that would be interesting color to have

me too, i think tulips and lilies are among the best flowers, and of course daisies

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