October 25, 2007

Time To Plant for Spring

If you are an avid gardener and looking forward to see beautiful floral colors in the springtime, fall season is the perfect time to start planning and take time to do planting of flower bulbs for possible bloom in the spring time.

Most home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot, warehouse stores like Costco and Sams Club, and other stores like K-Mart and Walmart usually sells wide variety of different types of flower bulbs at this time of year (September-October-November) because in most areas, fall season is the best time to plant flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, iris, etc.

It would be best to plant the bulbs before the danger of frost. So if you are thinking of giving some colors in your yard this coming spring, check out your nearest stores mentioned above for wide variety of different types of flowers in great deals.

We recently bought 100 bulbs of Daffodils for less than $15.00 And for gigantic bulbs, we got 80 pieces for $19.95
Written By: JAZEVOX


Anonymous said...

I know I should be planting my bulbs but I'm too busy blogging. I'll really hate myself in the Spring!
Thanks for the helpful information.

Jazevox said...

haha..i know what you mean. and its not the most fun thing to do, digging holes for the bulbs, but i have to convince myself, with the fruits of my labor thingy..

waliz said...

cant wait to see it blooms..and dont forget to take the photos ya?...

Jazevox said...

hi waliz, ill definitely be taking some pics when d'all blooms, thats d'best part, seeing them pop-out of the ground alive, [with high hopes that the moles wont eat them for dinner, they put holes all over our lawn :-(]

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