October 29, 2007

Stargazer Lily Flower

I personally think that one of the most beautiful and simply attractive flower on earth is the Stargazer Lily flower. Its well-defined long petals (usually six of them in each flower) are grouped together to form like a star (see photo). Most Stargazer Lily have fresh floral scent that is hard to ignore, sometimes you can smell the scent by just passing nearby, or when the air blows in your direction. So having Lily plants near outdoor sitting area and near the windows is not a bad idea at all. Based on my personal experience, by just sitting near our window, I can occasionally smell the blooming scent of this magnificient flower.

Stargazer Lily flowers are mostly planted in bulb forms that you can buy in most home and garden stores during fall or autumn seasons. Just like most flower bulbs, Stargazer Lilies requires a well-drained soil plating area to elimimate the possible rotting of the bulbs. Stargazer Lilys full growing height are usually around 3-4 feet tall. In the contrary, you can also buy the miniature version ones which can grow full height at only around one foot.

When you decide to buy the tall ones that can grow 3-4 feet in height, it would be best that you have a handy stake near the plant usually stake made of like bamboo, plastic or metal bar to help support the stalk of the plant because some Stargazer Lily can produce 6-7 inches wide of flower that are heavy enough that may cause the stalk to bow down. So if you secure the plant with the support stake and a velcrow or adjustable garden tie, you can prevent the plant from bending or breaking and keep the whole plant upright specially that one plant can have 3 to 6 flower blooms all in one stalk than would easily outweight the stalk. Just make sure than you wont tie the plant to the stake very tightly, allow some room for the plant to grow bigger. The velcrow tie would be best fit, because you can easily move, adjust the tie as the flower plant grows over time.
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Written By: JAZEVOX


Ed said...

What a beauty!
Grace and Peace,

Jazevox said...

hi Ed, thanks for droppin by!

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