October 11, 2007


Marigold flowers are annual plant that will grow up to around 12 to 18 inches tall at maturity. Marigolds are best planted in a full sunny location in a well-drained soil. Marigolds are great in in both planters and beds of flowers.

The most common marigold flower colors are the dark maroon and bright orange. But marigolds are also available in other colors like yellow, white, dual-colors, and more.

Marigold flowers are very easily to plant and almost with no maintainance required. You can buy marigold seeds in most home and garden centers here in the U.S. like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Kmart. Just follow the planting instruction as indicated in the seed packaging. Marigold seeds are usually planted in a well cultivated soil, then plant them around 1/4 inch deep. Soil must be keep moist everyday to encourage seeds germination. As soon as seedlings reach around 2-3 inches in height, re-plant each seedling around atleast one feet away from each other to give room for each plant to grow bigger.

Written By: JAZEVOX

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