December 9, 2007

Crown Imperial Flower

In my recent post, i talked about some ways to get rid of moles in your garden and lawn areas.

Another known plant that supposedly have a foul smell that moles dont like is the Crown Imperial flowering bulb plant. We do have some of these plants mixed in with our tulip garden, but I dont think it work best as far as chasing the moles away because we still noticed mole presence in that garden.

Crown Imperial flower plant is a very unique looking flower, as shown in the photo above. As the name suggest, Crown Imperial, this plant resembles like a crown with its green pointy foliage, and at the same time the flowers looks like bunch of bells. Crown Imperials probably comes in many different colors but the colors I know is yellow and orange because those are what we have.

So if you have mole problems, you might try to plant this flower, Crown Imperial, to see if it will work for you. Even if it doesnt work very well with diverting the moles, they do looks really nice as a flower, that usually blooms duing spring times like the tulips.

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waliz said...

such a beautiful flower but wth a foul smell??? i cant believe tht..but i agree wth u...its such a nice looking flower, very unique indeed....
jaze..i would love to spend hours in yr garden talking ab all the plants..

Jazevox said...

i honestly cannot smell the foul smell they say it has, its probably not foul for humans but foul for the moles?

waliz, i dont want you to be disappointed that our garden is even smaller than you might imagine! we only have small gardens but we try to take good care of them as much as we can!

waliz said...

who cares jaze? garden is still a garden be it small or big...i love plants..all of them!

Jazevox said...

hope one day you can check out some of the flowers we have, theres not a lot during winter and fall, most of them are sleeping right now, and the trees are bald :-)

you mentioned this before...i think you should post somethings about your garden as well so we know what are the flowers in your place, that would be great too

Marie said...

the flower looks so good..i can't think that it has foul smell... hmmppp..sometimes looks can be deceiving, huh? anyway, I really learned a lot from here Jaze... am glad you brought up this blog... good night!

Jazevox said...

hi marie, im glad knowing that you enjoy and learn something from my postings, its nice to know. im also learning as I go along.

hope you have wonderful first holiday here! wish you the best

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