December 4, 2007

Squirrels That You Either Love or Hate

We love squirrels, simply because they look so cute and so adorable, dont you think so too? The picture posted above is a local squirrel we have in our area, having a snack next to one of our flower garden. She and her other fellow squirrels hang out a lot in this particular area of the yard because of the Oak Tree in the middle of the garden. Oak trees have oak nuts that falls from the trees that eventually grow into young oaks and years pass, will turn into giant oak trees as well. And one of the main reason why we love the squirrels hanging out in this garden is because they help us control the numbers of oak nuts that are mixed in with our garden, and eliminate the possibility of having them tiny trees growing in our yard and take over the whole area. Squirrels love to eat oak nuts, so when they are around, they help minimize the work of picking up these the nuts all over that fell from the tree, and let the squirrels do their job. Squirrels also eat pine cones so if you have pine trees and have a lot of pine cones more than you can decorate in your homes during Christmas times, squirrels can be a tremendous help with all the pine cones as well, since they just love to eat them as well.

The problem with squirrels in the yard, is that they are one of the main target for the dogs to chase and bark. Squirrels are wild, dogs are normally not trained to be friendly with wild squirrels, so if dogs are out in the yard of the time, it will minimize the chances of squirrels hanging out in your yard more often, and the less they hang-out, the more oak nuts and pine cones you have to pick up, that is if you have Oak Trees and Pine Trees in your neighborhood. If you live in a condominiums and apartments, these will certainly none of your worries.

In public parks, you noticed that there are some wild squirrels hanging out, and at the same time some signs that say DONT FEED THE WILD ANIMALS, like the squirrels. And you should try to honor these signs and not feed the squirrels in the parks because these will be one of the main reasons that they started bothering humans in those areas. If you feed these squirrels when you are not suppose to, you may not realize and see the danger yet because you see squirrels enjoying your foods, but for other people eating and snacking in the same areas, squirrels might bother them because of people who gave them the idea that people provides them foods. That is why you hear some people that really hate squirrels as well, these people might have unpleasant encounter with squirrels, while others just love them.

So squirrels have strong effects in humans, humans either just hate them, or just love them! And how you feel about squirrels will surely depends on where you live, what they do to you, how they behave towards you. If you have not seen a real squirrel before, but have seen the movie Ice Age, and Ice Age The Meltdown, these movies have lots of funny scenes about a squirrel and her nut, shows how a nut is so important to her, and how she do anything for her nut, for better and for worst...

What about you, do you love or hate squirrels? If you have good or bad experience about squirrels, we would love to hear it too.

Written and Photography by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.


waliz said...

hi jaze..i do love squirrels..they are so cute and harmless..thts wht i far i never encounter any prob wth squirrels and i do love see them playing at my garden...

Jazevox said...

im glad to know that you love squirrels too! sometimes i wish i can make them a pet, but i dont know if thats possible, we have squirrels in our area, and they are all so cute and we think soo too, that they are harmless

thanks for dropping by waliz :-)

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