December 17, 2007

Ladybugs Are Welcome

Ladybug is a type of a beetle and it is a very tiny insect that only measures around 1mm to 10mm. Probably the most common ladybug beetles are color red and/or orange with small black dots or spots in them. They are so tiny its hard to notice that they are present in your garden. But if you are curious about seeing one of them in your yard, closely examine some of the leaves and sometimes posts in your garden area, they might be there just crawling around.

Ladybugs eat aphids, which is one of the common pest problem in many garden. Having ladybug around eating aphids will surely help control the growth of aphids that are developed in plants. For most part, ladybugs are very benefecial to the garden knowing that they eat pests (aphids), so if you see ladybugs hanging out in your garden, its a great news because ladybugs usually make your garden healthier and eat aphids for you without resulting into nasty and unhealtly chemical pesticides and most likely commercial harmful sprays.


waliz said...

this ladybug is sooo cute..and i like its color...! but sadly i seldom see one nowadays...yeah ..i have lots of aphids sometimes..i use to kill them using chemical spray...not earth friendly!

Jazevox said...

the ladybug in the photo is actually one of ladgbug hanging out in our yard one time, we were thrilled to find out they are around!

we hardly use spray to kill pests, we have some problems in some of the fruit tree we have and my hubby wanted to spray to see if we get rid of the problems, and i tried to convince him NO far he is not spraying :-)

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