December 13, 2007

Snowballs In The Garden

Snowballs Flower is called snowballs because its flowers resemble so much like bunch of snow balls. Each snowball flower is composed of tiny little white flowers that are formed together that shape like a round ball that make them look like a ball of snow. This is probably why this flower plant is called a Snowball Flower Plant. During regular days like spring and summer, the foliage of a snowball bush is color green, and the snowball-shaped flowers will usually bloom around spring time. Blooms start out greenish in color and as the flower matures over time during the season it turns lightier and lightier and turn into white.

During fall season, weeks after the snowball flowers run their course, the green foliage will turn into bright red colors and then before winter most of the leaves turns yellow then brown and falls off for the season. The whole bush of snowball flower plant, which is usually only around four (4) feet tall, looks nice during fall time with its leaves turn into nice red color.

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waliz said...

hi jaze ..i have flower tht is similar to ths one but i called it 3 months flower because it will blooms for 3 month and will change its color from blue to pink,to white and lastly to green..awsome right?

Jazevox said...

that sound like a very nice flower waliz, wish we have something like it. 3 months bloom, i like that!

somtimes i think, snowball flower looks like a miniature version of hydrangea, and some hydreanga can have color variety like blue, pink, green...are you familiar with Hydrangea?

Marie said...

wow jazevox! i love the two pics...parang professional photographer ah... i love the pinky leaves and the beautiful...

Jazevox said...

salamat Marie! i guess the digital camera helps a lot :-) just point and shot, really

Allyn Paul said...

Hydrangea and snowballs will turn blue if you ad iron to the soil.
give it a try, alittle at a time

Jazevox said...

i didnt know that, thanks Allyn for the Iron idea, we would definitely experiment on this one, we could make room for some blue flowers in our yard

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