December 21, 2007

The Buzzing Bees

Bees can easily be noticed in someones garden because of their bothering buzzing sound as they fly around and hop from one flower to the next. For many people, the presence of bees caused fear, uneasiness, and unpleasant stay outside because of their buzzing sounds and the common fear of getting stung by one of them. But bees will be hanging out in your garden just as you want to hangout in your garden. Just watch out for bees before you pick or touch a flower or fruit, a lot of times, they usally dont bother people if people dont bother them, they simply just wanna fly around and check out the plants like you do.
But dont you know that bees play a very important rule in anyones garden? Bees are the major pollinators in most fruits trees, flowers, and vegetable plants. We need bees in the garden to pollinate most plants, inorder for them to flower and/or to bear fruits.


waliz said...

when i was a kid i got stung by a was so painful but it wont deter me to love ths small creatures knowing how important their existence in my garden...

Jazevox said...

so curious about ur garden waliz, hope u can post some in ur blog :-)

i cannot speak for u definitely, i dont want to find out the hard way about bees (that sting), im always paranoid around them and my hubby always tell me to RELAX, as long as i dont scare them off in purpose, they should (hopefully) not scare me back!

Marie said...

one of the insects that I am very scared of if they are around me or if I hear them buzzing around are the bees because that sting thingy is so painful... i remember my cousin's loud cry when she got stung with a bee. hehehe

anyway, just dropping by here as well Jazevox.. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.... by the way, just in case di mo pa na-update Sweet Lullaby blog URL ko, pls change the URL to -- MARAMING SALAMAT friend! Enjoy the day!!!!

Jazevox said...

hi Marie, thanks for the visit here, I already changed your new domain in both my blogs: PlantingDiary and also in HonestlyFresh.

my hubby got stang by one long before, and he said that it did hurt. when I see a bee hive, i would definitely stay away from those, no reason to take chances

Raquel said...

No bees, no honey...

I read Marie's comment. My sister got stung with a bee too. Her both eyes were swelling and suffered for pain too. I think bees are unfriendly.

Happy Holidays Jaze and more blessings to come in 2008!

Jazevox said...

hi Raquel, thank you, Happy New Year to you and your family too!

i like honey.. i learned few weeks ago that the only food that wont spoil is HONEY!

its hard to co-exist in the same planet, and both plays important rule on earth, but dont get along: bees and humans.

Anonymous said...

I've been stung by bees hundreds of times while pruning customer landscapes, but I still love bees in my landscape. They are a sign that you have a healthy eco-system going and a good balance. I have rose of Sharon that they expecially love to hang around.

Jazevox said...

i personally think it takes a lot of bravery to be stung by bees hundreds of times, and not be afraid of bees!

rose of sharon are great flowers, we (hubby and I) tried planting them in the yard, but we just dont have the best luck with them (they never flowered yet), probably our weather have to do with it

Joy0z said...

I love your garden Jaze. How's the gardening? I remember before I was playing with my Grannys garden I was haunt by a bee and the thing never stop flying towards me, I was crying to death that got me fever for a week! :D

this page of yours before has blogspot in the url right?
I will add this with my kikay and ozlife okay?

Jazevox said...

hi Joy, your bee story is very interesting, getting a fever for a week for the bee scare? didnt even have the chance to sting you, which is a good thing!

yes, this blog is my original blog. Finally i have the domain name working this year,

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